July 2005

First ride in our new Twin Trike (more pictures to come later)

Swimming on the 4th of July

The Levine Family

You want a piece of me, sucka.

4 x four-eyes

When does beverage service start?

Thank goodness for portable DVD players

Napkins make good do-rags

The scenic landscape of Alberta Canada

The dandelions grow big in these parts

Goin' swimmin'

Mommy's Birthday

At the Japanese gardens in Lethbridge Canada

That's not how you wear Mommy's shirt sissy

Now can we please go to bed ?

Only after a few more kisses

With Nadine at the rocket field

Who is this guy?

Grandpa's 70th Birthday Party

I like Marlene, she feeds me plenty

Four generations of Deville

Let me see if I can fit you into my social calendar

Daddy Derek and Aunt Valerie for reference

I'm trying out my new "mean face", do you think it's working?

Well then how about this "crazy face"?

Handy identification baskets!?!

Our first corn cobs