Paper Chaser

The first step was to lay up the bottom skin and first foam sheet against the rocker table which I covered with a mylar sheet. Then epoxied the top sheet in place. Then filled the edges with thickened epoxy and layed up the top layers. This filled in the gaps between the layers creating the rail.

The inserts are 3/8" aluminum that I drilled with a tap hole and back filled with candle wax. After the board was finished I drilled out the wax and tapped the threads in place. I filled the fin support holes with thickened glass filled epoxy and drilled them once the board was complete.

The board is 138 x 41 cm made from two layers of 1/4" AirCell Polyester foam sheets from Polyumac. The bottom skin is 3 layers of 5 oz glass with a fabric layer skinned by a layer of 1.5 oz. glass. The top is 4 layers of 5 oz with fabric and skin glass. There is about 4-5 cm of rocker and a single concave on the bottom. The handle is free hand cut from a sheet on 1 inch thick foam and covered with a carbon/glass braided sleeve.


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