Bowling Ball Rockets

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The flight on a Kosdon K-777 to 3869' to finish Second in the Bowling Ball Lite Competition

sponsored by Arizona High Power at LDRS 19 in South Carolina

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Showing off the inner workings to Andy Schecter, Ray Halm, and Darrell Mobley

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G-10 fins with Kevlar pulp fillets and Carbon laminate

BBnoseinside.JPG (28074 bytes)

The inside of the nose cone showing the workings of the retractable rail guides



Flown at LDRS 22 in Kansas on an AMW K-975. Due to a late ejection (timer based), the chute stripped and the ball fell to earth. It was found 2 weeks later by some of the Kloudbusters. The slightly damaged altimeter was sent to Ozark Aerospace and the data was salvaged indicating a max altitude of 5394'. Good enough for second place if it hadn't shred. Maybe next time.

Standing with the 1st place winner Geoff Elder and his son before the flights at LDRS 22



My entry at LDRS 21 in Texas