Deville Engineering and Aerospace Propulsion

Video of Green Flame "P" motor static fire

022k1-007c.jpg (42450 bytes)

6" O-4280 with DEAP3 propellant pushes this 12" diameter, 120lb beast to 8900'

042k1006.jpg (79396 bytes)

O-5000 cranked out enough power to get to 10,346'

top: O-motor before assembly

below: P-motor before assembly

062k1002.jpg (10863 bytes)

First L size test of DEAP Green - Good but not perfect yet

Going to be reformulating and hopefully flying in a 6" in August

092k001.jpg (40697 bytes)

DEAP 2  98mm 'M' motor in filament wound fiberglass case

in 7.5" Fallopian

hardware.jpg (37275 bytes)

top: 3.5" motor adapted to fit 98mm shown with grains above and nozzle at left

bottom: 6" OD 1/4" wall case for baby O motor with nozzle retainer and fwd. closure

ozgrainmix.JPG (12813 bytes)

ozgrainpour.JPG (13856 bytes) ozmandpush.JPG (8068 bytes)

The finished grain. Pushing out the mandrel.

ozload.jpg (16436 bytes) ozloadinsul.JPG (17825 bytes)

The finished load. Phenolic insulation is used at both ends.

Test firings of 3" L motors to characterize the propellant.

022k1-008.jpg (27721 bytes)

Paul Weisinger flies DEAP2 in a Kosdon 6000 case for an M-2000

DEAP2_2550.jpg (23251 bytes)

DEAP 2 in Kosdon 2550 case cranking out the thrust

in John Schultz' Ursa Minor

042k003.jpg (8862 bytes)

DEAP 1 flies in a Kosdon 1400 case in Jeff Levine's Big Banana

deaptest001.JPG (30137 bytes)

First firing of DEAP experimental propellant on our makeshift test stand.

Average thrust of 100lbs. for just less than a 5 second burn.

Stay tuned for bigger and better things from DEAP.

BBnoseinside.JPG (28074 bytes)

The retractable rail guides for the Cats Eye Bowling Ball Rocket.

These had to have a 1" throw in order to accommodate the bulge of the Bowling Ball.

Fabricated from 1" 6061-T6 Bar stock these units use a spring to retract the guides flush

with the body after leaving the rail and a Teflon slider to keep the rocket from getting scratched.

BBguidezoom.JPG (34293 bytes)

videopkg.jpg (25586 bytes)

Color Video Transmitter Package used in 3" Miranda for live feed at 2.4 GHz