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Carbon wrapped 6" PML tubing with Balsa Plywood Core Kevlar Laminate Fins

Flown on a DPS L-1000 Inferno Red (~3800 N-sec.)


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On the way up, gushing smoke thanks to Dirty Harry L-585 by Kosdon


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Under Construction:

The motor mount and fins slid into the body tube and were held in place with 12 - #10 screws

The forward plate is a bulkhead not a centering ring. This allowed for the largest motor

anticipated to bear its load on this plate rather than on the aft centering ring.

The fins are 1/4" Balsa Plywood laid up and vacuumed with two layers of 6oz. Kevlar.

The body tube is PML phenolic with two layers of 9oz. Carbon vacuumed.