Max Faget

Major contributor to many of the original design concepts for Project Mercury's manned spacecraft and played a major role in designing virtually every U.S. crewed spacecraft since that time, including the Space Shuttle.

Buzz Aldrin

Konrad Dannenberg

Rocket engine specialist at Peenemuende where he worked together with Wernher von Braun on the development of the V-2 rocket. Later he was the deputy director of the development program for Saturn V

Thomas Patten Stafford

Gemini 6 & 9 / Apollo 10 / Apollo-Soyuz

Highest speed ever achieved by man at 6.9 miles/sec, or 24,800 miles per hour (on the way back from the moon

Korey Kline, Burt Rutan, Debbie Sifford, Alex Espinosa, and Ed Ampuero

Brian Binnie

Elon Musk

Vern Estes

Pat Forrester


Dennis Tito

John Carmack

Tim Pickins

Kevin Smith - Co-founder of eAc

Tom Bales - Co-founder of eAc

Peter Diamandis

Frank Kosdon

Anousheh Ansari - First Female Space Tourist

Korey Kline, Ky Michaelson, Jerry Larson, and Bruce Lee

George Whittinghill

Steve Bennett

Rod and Randa Milleron

Charles Pooley

Jack Horkheimer - "Star Hustler"


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