Freedom 'Phiter

Launch Video (38 Megs)

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The launch crew:

Back: Robert Cauley, John Taylor, Lesley Deville, Yours Truly, and Ralph D'Alessio

Front: Wayne Albert and John Schultz

Thank you for all of your help and support.

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Transported in sytle to the pads via JT's new truck

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It was very busy at the Away Cells

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What a happy crew!

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Many hands make light work

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All three Kosdon M3200 motors came up to pressure almost instantly

and this beast just jumped off the pad screaming like an animal from another world.

Check out the VIDEO

photos by Nadine Kinney

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Recovery from the Sea of Grass that is Orangeburg, SC

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On display in front of the Tripoli South Florida tent. Sign reads:

Freedom ‘Phiter

(aka BV-1) 

Built by: Derek Deville                           First Flight: Kosdon M5100 and 2-AT K550

Diameter: 12 in.                                        Current Flight: O-9600 (3 -Kosdon M3200)

Length: 15 feet                                         Motor Mounts: 1-98mm, 2-76mm, and 2-54mm

Weight (empty): 122 lbs.                           Weight (loaded): 165 lbs.

                      Construction: Foam-core Vacuum Bagged Graphite Fins, Hand-laid Composite Nosecone 

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The business end.

Construction Photos

Before it was the Freedom 'Phiter...

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The Burn Victim before its flight on a Kosdon M5100 airstarting 2 - K550's

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