High Altitude Flights

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Altitude Record 11,927' on a K-550 (short lived)

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Minimum Diameter on an Aerotech K-250 to over 16,000' (unrecovered)

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Kosdon L3000 in Minimum Diameter to 24,573'

Mach 2 at the end of a 1.1 second burn

Sounded like a gunshot!

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top: the newest Mindy 2 in the works. These are .09" G10 with Kevlar Pulp fillets to be overlayed with Carbon

bottom: The first Mindy which flew at BALLS on a K250 but was not perfectly recovered. These are the remains.

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Mindy2 - a K250 motor with fins attached and a Biaxial Carbon/Glass sleeve transition/reinforcement

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Tracking transmitter seperated from booster which is lost forever.