The Rocket Endeavors of Derek Deville



The Black Dragon on the pad in West Palm Beach


CSXT Space Shot


Derek with the eAc SpaceShipOne motor in Mojave, CA.


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The Carbon Bee ready to fly in Florida City

Qu8k - Q-18,000 Flight to 121,000' at BALLS 20

CSXT - S-50,000 Flight into Space

Black Dragon - P-11,000  18" dia. x 26' tall

Freedom 'Phiter - M-5100 w/2-K550,  O-9600 (3-M3200) Flag_-_waving.gif (12791 bytes)     

Rocket Friends - Famous Rocket Folk that I call "friends"

O-ZONE - DEAP O-4280, O-5000, and O-6000

Nike Smoke - DEAP  P-7500 in 16" Full Scale Model

Mega Miranda - M-2240 and N-2000 ("Chrome Dome" chromed nose cone)

Flaming 12" V-2 - M-1850GG and M-2200 Skidmark

Carbon Bee - L-1175, L-1120, L-688 Yellow Jacket, M-1015DH, and M-2000 Skidmark, and again.

DEAP - Deville Engineering and Aerospace Propulsion

Aerospike - Nozzle development program

Big Daddy - O-5200  and O-6000 powering a large rocket built by Rick Waters and Chris Standish

FITSat 3 - O-6000 Static test with DEAP 6 for Florida Institute of Technology

Lunar Express - J-415, J-570, K-500, K-1050, and L-1860

Pterodactyl - A number of big cluster flights in L range of power, L-4500 Skidmark/Yellow Jacket

High Altitude Flights - Nimbus (K-550 and K-250), Cumulonimbus (L-3000), Mindy and Mindy2(K-250's)

V2 - J-415, K-550, K-550, L-900 Green Gorilla, AT L-850, L-1000 Skidmark, and L-1650 Blue

Frankenstein - DPS L-1000 Inferno Red and L-585 Dirty Harry

Bowling Ball Lofters - Cats Eye, Mirage, and Zoom on various K motors

Miscellaneous - Beanie Magg, Ultimate Endeavor, Experimental, and Video Miranda

The Rocket Room - Where inspiration abounded

Fallopian - DEAP  M-1600



Other Peoples Cool Rockets...



RRS Space Shot

Space Shuttle

Space Shuttle - STS-119

Freedom Hybrids

Sounding Rockets and Missiles

Super Loki-Dart - Mach 5 in 2.1 seconds!

Kevin Metzler's Aerobee 150A on a P-motor

Other great Tripoli South Florida flights

Zinc Sulfur Rockets

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