The Black Dragon

18″ Diameter – 26′ Tall – 375 lbs at liftoff

Flow in West Palm Beach with Tripoli West Palm on 2/18/08

Powered by a DEAP 6 – P-11,000 (100%P)

Producing 2,400 lbs of Thrust for 8 seconds propelling the Dragon to 13,100′

Special Thanks goes to:

Kevin Smith and family for their generous financial support

Bret Ranc for taking on the heavy lifting and keeping me sane

Dan Ciek for tireless efforts to ensure success

Guy Kress for making an amazing launch pad

Paul Weisinger for making sure the pad got there

Hudson McDougall and Mike Kirk for graphics support

Greg Maybach for many photos including the great liftoff shot

Everyone at Syntheon for putting up with endless stories about the rocket

Al Bychek and Rick Boyette for coordinating a great launch event

and of course…

My wife Lesley for incredible moral support